Thursday, May 7, 2015

Role Reversal!

"Last Friday roles were switched when some of our first year French students got to see what a lesson is like for a teacher and vice versa. The first year class were asked to look over phrases that they had learned over the year with a view to teaching Mr Fitzmaurice the basics he would need for a trip to France. Prior to the lesson students had a brainstorming session to decide what expressions would be the most useful.
On the day, the boys were keen to present different phrases, and helped each other out when there was confusion. The new teachers got to show off what they had learned in the course of the year but also had to react  to the needs of their student, focusing on pronunciation and dealing with questions on unprepared sentences. Mr Fitzmaurice was an enthusiastic learner and was eager to use and practise the vocabulary covered by engaging in model conversations with his teachers. Every student got the chance to contribute and were made aware of how much they had learned over the year. 

This was a focused, positive class experience and gave the students the chance to try out a different role in the classroom while revising key material. Thanks very much to Mr Fitzmaurice for coming in!"

-Written by Ms Kate Lorigan (French and English teacher)

First Years Busy teaching French!

An attentive student "teacher."

Learning can be fun!

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