Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Student's thoughts on DLR Lexicon Library

Different Learning Spaces!
On Thursday April 30th my class headed to the DLR LexiCon Library for a tour. When we got there we were greeted by Marian Keyes, a librarian, she showed us all around the library, she showed all the different levels in the library and different areas, such as the study areas and meeting rooms. There was also a stage area with seating for 101 people, a cafe and an outdoor area. Marian told us that they are going to be getting a 3D printer in the library along with a number of Apple Mac computers for use in the library. She also showed us how to take books out using a machine that scans a sticker on the inside of the book. You can also drop books back by scanning them and placing them on a converter belt that sorts them into boxes. All in all it was a very interesting and informative tour and I hope we can go back there soon.

Written by Harry Loakman 2nd Yr.

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