Saturday, November 14, 2015

Use of Improvisation in the classroom!

Recently Mr. Martin Murphy, actor, director and educationalist came in to do a workshop on the advantages of creating "group flow" in the classroom through improv! This method can help to facilitate a more dynamic learning environment where the teachers and students are all learners. It generates better listening skills, confidence, team work and creative thinking!

Learning through Failure!

"Success is failure turned inside out" "Why do we fall? So we can get back up!"
In a rapidly changing world  where creativity and critical thinking skills are paramount it is important to realise we will not always get things right and the path to success is challenging! We can learn so much from our mistakes and failings. Through educators and students learning about the value of process we can generate greater resilience and composure in our classrooms. Recently Mr. Jim Finnegan presented the TEFCAS model to success which we have talked about in our classrooms.This can help students in their approach to their learning to realise it often is "one step at a time!"

Entrepreneurial Education!

As teachers it is important that we view learning from different lenses. Recently we have been working with Edward de Bono's Six Thinking hats to help us on our voyage of discovery!