Thursday, December 10, 2015

Using Surveys in the Classroom for Comparative Study

Having had my last class of Japanese with the Transition Years this Thursday (10th December), I took 2 surveys of the class for comparative purposes.

Firstly, I wanted to compare the answers this class would give compared to the first group of TY students to do Japanese. I gave them almost the same survey, although the last two questions were no longer limited to a selection of activities – instead, students were able to state their own preferences.

Secondly, I gave these students the same Teacher Review survey that I recently gave my 2nd Year music class. I wanted to see how this class viewed my teaching compared to the 2nd years, and I was particularly interested in the behavioural questions.

In response to the Teacher Review survey’s behaviour questions, it was almost a complete mirror of the 2nd Years’ responses. This TY class felt that I gave the right amount of punishment and was able to manage the class’ behaviour very well. The 2nd year class felt the opposite in last weeks’ survey. I think this is mainly due to the maturity and respect generally from the 4th Year class. Though of course there was some messing – mainly immature jokes, they did not disrupt the classes overall so I didn’t punish this except for a few times when I asked students to cut it out. The only time I had to strictly reprimand the class was for a ‘mildy racist’ comment made in the first class.

In response to the other survey which was more about the subject and curriculum I set, students this time were slightly more likely to choose Japanese as a Leaving Cert subject than the previous group. ‘Anime & Manga’ was by far the most enjoyed topic, as opposed to ‘Television’ in the previous group. These differences may be in part accounted for by the changes I made to the lesson plans and content of the lessons after the 1st group completed their surveys.

I think one of the important things to learn is that students’ opinion of a subject can be greatly influenced by the teacher and methods of teaching used in class. Since I took the opinions of Group A on board when they finished their Japanese module, I was able to better understand how my teaching would be received by the next group and adjusted the lesson plans accordingly.

Things to think about:
1.     Why are TYs more innately respectful and responsive to discipline than 2nd Years? Is this even the case?
2.     Could there be some well-refined set of activities that would encourage students to pick a certain subject for their Leaving Cert?
3.     What else besides the subject itself is enjoyable for students? (Teacher’s humour, other students in the class, games, competition etc.)

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